Uniquely effective in fat loss, strength, stamina, and overall health. Dedicated to giving you the body you want.


I will teach you how to shed body fat and feel great about your body. A fit and toned physique is essential for your overall health and the sexy confidence to experience the freedom and happiness you deserve. Positive changes to your exercise habits combined with proper nutrition will create a fit and healthy lifestyle.


I have more than two decades of education and experience designing training programs. My routines are intended to maximize strength and conditioning while keeping my clients inspired and injury free. Men and women of any age and any fitness level will see and feel results quickly. If your goal is to lose 10 pounds or 100 pounds, or increase your stamina, or look great for an evening out, my program will get you there.

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Gary Anger is a certified master instructor with over 30 years of experience.  He is owner of Lifetime Results, LLC and has now partnered with One Body Personal Training Center in Altamonte Springs, FL.  Gary is a professional, Category 1 cyclist who has won 7 State championships and has placed 3x at the national level including the Eastern Regionals Masters’ Title.  In 1995 Gary was one of the only amateurs chosen for the Olympic Road Racing trials at the age of 39.  Gary has coached over 60 state champions in cycling and over 50 professional athletes.


Gary employs High Intensity Low Force Training as his exclusive strength training protocol. Gary was a professional Motocross racer until a near fatal accident ended his career.  Gary was rehabilitated at Nautilus Sports Medical Industries in Deland, Fl and it was here when he became interested in working in the fitness industry. Under the guidance of such celebrated masters as Ken Hutchins, Arthur Jones, Dr. Ellington Darden, and Dr. Doug McGuff Gary was introduced to “Super Slow Training”.  It has been his focus on and complete understanding of this protocol of training that has set him apart from other Personal Trainers.  Gary trains people of all ages, regardless of their athletic abilities, with patience, care and compassion.


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JENNIFER MESIKA, M.S. Exercise Science


Jennifer is a dedicated and passionate trainer willing to go above and beyond to help her clients reach their ultimate goals.  Jennifer attained her Master’s degree in Exercise Science with a focus in Sports Nutrition from the University of Central Florida. Fitness has always been a part of Jennifer’s life. From a young age she was committed to an active lifestyle by becoming a multi-sport athlete and putting in many days and nights in the weight room. She has always longed to help those in need of exercise guidance. For two years, Jennifer ran a wellness center in Orlando where she instructed several exercise classes including strength training, balance training, and cardio. Jennifer’s workouts are designed to help you feel younger and revitalized. You will lose fat, gain muscle and become tone. By committing just 30 minutes of your time each session, you can change your life. 

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Paul Fennewald is a Certified Strength Trainer, Health Coach, and owner of Pure Strength & Fitness. Growing up Paul was an athlete that competed in football, soccer, track, basketball and baseball, just to name a few. Paul's passion for sports helped him develop an appreciation for competition early on and believes that the true secret to great health begins with Education.


Paul was Certified as a SuperSlow Instructor by Ken Hutchins in Altamonte Springs Florida in 2012 and quickly began his professional career as a fitness coach and educator. Since then Paul has instructed thousands of personal training sessions with clients of all ages, backgrounds, disabilities and personal goals. With guidance and influence from industry leaders around the countrysuch as Dr. Doug McGuff, Arthur Jones, Dr. Ellington Darden, Drew Baye, and Ken Hutchins, Paul has emerged as an Elite health coach and fitness instructor in the Central Florida area. His focus is simple and concentrated on improving the health and wellness of others while providing education on effective training techniques for Optimal Fitness!


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